How to Change a Tire Quickly and Safely Infographic

When you have a flat tire, you will need to change it so that you can continue driving the car. Changing a tire is not a complex process, but needs to be carried out safely. Here are the steps to follow to ensure make it tire changes fast and safe:

  1. Park the Car on a Flat Surface:

Before attempting to change the tire, you should make sure that you have the vehicle parked on the flat surface. It is important to also check and confirm that the location is safe to carry out the process. To enhance the stability of the vehicle, you should:

  • Engage the E-brake so as to prevent any rolling when you attempt to raise the vehicle above the ground.
  • Turn the hazard lights on so as to sound a warning to oncoming vehicles from either direction.
  • Place the wheel chock on the opposite side of the tire that you need to change.
  1. Loosen the Lug Bolts:

When you have the vehicle parked on a leveled surface, you should loosen the lug bolts. You need to use a lug wrench to achieve this. Turn the lug bolts counter clockwise and just make a single turn to make them loose. This is meant to make it easier to remove the lug nuts completely when the vehicle is elevated above the ground. You should not remove the lug bolts completely when the vehicle is still on the ground.

  1. Identify the Jack Points:

The next step is to identify the jack points that are in your car. Some vehicles will have these points clearly marked. However, in the event that you are not able to find the jack points, you should check the owner’s manual of the vehicle, which will direct you to the jack points. You should NEVER jack the vehicle up using any other points, besides the recommended jack points.

  1. Lift the Vehicle:

Having established the jack points, it is now time to lift the vehicle using a floor jack. You should raise the saddle slightly so as to place it directly on the jack point so as to support the car. Before jacking up the car, confirm that the E-brake is still engaged and the hazard lights are still on. It is also imperative to ensure that the wheel chock is still in place. Once the vehicle is off the ground, place solid items under the car to prevent injury. If you have jack stands, then, that would be the best supporting accessories for the floor jack.

  1. Remove the Flat Tire:

As soon as you have the vehicle raised and it is stable, you should now remove the wheel that you intend to replace. Start by removing the lug bolts completely and pull the wheel out. When you remove the wheel, you should place it aside, flat on the ground to prevent it from rolling.

  1. Replace the Wheel:

Take the wheel that you want to place on your vehicle and ensure that you have aligned it with the wheel hub. Place the lug bolts and tighten then using the lug wrench until they are snug and the wheel sits flush to the hub.

  1. Lower the Car:

Finally, you can lower the car by first of all removing the jack stands and then be lowering the floor jack to the ground. You should always use slow motions when lowering the floor jack. This is to ensure that you have full control and monitor the floor jack to prevent any incidents that may happen.

  1. Torque the Lug Bolts:

When the vehicle is safely on the ground, you need to tighten the lug nuts completely. In order to achieve this, you should use a torque wrench and set it to meet the specifications that are prescribed on the vehicle’s owner’s manual. When tightening the bolts, you should use the star pattern so as to ensure that they are evenly loaded. Once you have torqued all the nuts, you should check the torque to ensure that it is correct. You should only remove the wheel chocks when you have finished torquing the lug bolts.

If you want to learn, in great detail how to change car tires safely and fast, please go through the infographic below.

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