Best Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack Buying Guide To Buy Right Now

If there is a great tool that anyone can have in their garage, then it must be the Pittsburgh 3 ton jack. This is due to the fact that it can support a wide range of applications and you will be able to get so many advantages. For instance, with a Pittsburgh jack, you will not need to go to the mechanics of various tasks like changing oil and bleeding brakes. When you understand the purpose of the Pittsburgh automotive jack, then you would do everything that you can do to ensure that you have the best-rated jack.

We know that this may be a daunting task for most people and this the main reason we have put this guide in place. If you are searching for the best value jack, then your search ends here. Through the comprehensive Pittsburgh floor jack review, you should make an informed decision at the end of it all.

Why Should You Buy Pittsburgh Automotive Jack?

When you come to the market looking for the quality jack, you will find so many different brands and models. However, in this guide, our intention is to clearly demonstrate why you should consider buying the 3-ton floor jack. This will allow you to lift different vehicles, without much of a problem.

Top 5 Thing Should Be Consider Buying a Pittsburgh Jack

It is a great thing to have a Pittsburgh 3 tons floor jack as you can be able to accomplish a whole lot. When you look at an expert jack review, it may be a good indicator of the best model to buy, but may not be comprehensive. There are other essential factors that should be considered so that you can ensure that you have the best budget jack. We have put together some of the top 5 things to consider when shopping for a Pittsburgh automotive jack.

  • Minimum and Maximum Height:

Minimum and Maximum HeightThe height of the Pittsburgh jack is a crucial consideration. You need to be sure of the minimum saddle height in the resting position so that you can tell if your vehicle has adequate ground clearance. The maximum height of the jack will also determine the range of vehicles that you can use it on. When you have lowered cars, you need to ensure that you have the quality jack which is low profile.

  • Lifting Speed and Mechanism:

Lifting Speed and MechanismTheir another consideration is the speed at which you will lift your load. If you can get the best budget jack with a rapid pump quick lift, then it will be safe for you. This means that you should be able to lift the load to the maximum height with very few pumps. Any model that has such capabilities is quite instrumental as it will save up on the time that you will use to get the vehicle to the maximum height. The best option would the ones with double piston pumps.

  • Construction:

ConstructionThe budget jack is one that will serve your needs and last for a very long period of time. As such, you need to pay attention to the construction material of the garage jack so as to determine its quality. Quality jacks will either be made of steel or aluminum. A good number of users prefer the aluminum jacks since they are quite strong, yet very light. It would be ideal to avoid jacks with plastic parts.

  • Maximum Lift Capacity:

Maximum Lift CapacityClearly, a Pittsburgh 3 ton jack will lift loads of up to 3 tons. As such, if you have a vehicle that is more than 3 tons, you need to find a floor jack with a higher lifting capacity. It is important to note that you will not need to lift the entire vehicle, but only part of it. When considering the lifting capacity of the auto jack, pick one that will serve your needs effectively.

  • Price Range:

Floor jack priceAnyone wants to get value for their money and as such, you should have a budget in mind. When shopping around, you need to compare different models that are in the same price range. Look at every feature that a model offers so that at the end of it all you can settle for the budget jack. Do not be deceived that expensive models are only the best, you can find a good jack for a reasonable price.

For more in-depth information How to choose the quality floor jack, I highly recommend this article:

Our Top Pick Pittsburgh floor jack reviews Comparison Chart 

Best Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jacks On The Market

Pittsburgh is a versatile brand and has come up with a number of jacks that are meant to serve your needs. When you need the right 3 ton Pittsburgh jack, you may be confused by the tons of models that are on the market. We have reviewed some of the best models and this will help you pick the best Pittsburgh automotive jack. Here are our top picks:

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift

Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor JackOne the key things that we noticed with this Pittsburgh automotive 3-ton jack is the fact that has a very tough construction. This is made of high quality steel and this is also responsible for the heavy weight of this model. Overall, the industrial grade finish also contributes significantly to the quality construction of this car jack. This is a durable model and is strong enough to support loads of up to 3 tons, without a problem. As for lifting range, this is the best low profile jack as the minimum height is 2 7/8 inches and also goes all the way up to 19 ¾ inches.

We were also impressed by the rapid pump quick lift mechanism. This is facilitated by the dual piston pump technology that has been incorporated into the best low profile jack. With only 3.5 pumps, you should be able to get the saddle to the maximum height. As indicated earlier, this is not one of the models that you would consider to be portable as it weighs 71.7 inches. Essentially, the heavy weight is an added advantage as it will not wobble when you in use. It also comes with steel casters that are extra wide, which will enhance the stability in addition to providing easy movement.

The 2 piece handle is quite convenient and when it is assembled measures 45 ¼ inches, which is long enough. The padding on the saddle and foam bumper on the handle are meant to protect the vehicle from any form of damage. The universal joint release mechanism will be responsible for precision when you are controlling your load. When you are lifting the vehicle, you will need not worry about cases of slippage since the rubber padding will enhance the contact with the load. This is a heavy duty car jack that will not disappoint you and serves the needs of most users effectively.

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 ton floor jack Features

  • The rapid pump quick lift feature on this heavy duty car jack is quite impressive. This allows you to be able to get to the maximum height with just 3 ½ pumps.
  • The solid construction is something to take note of. It is made of welded steel and this makes it strong enough and quite durable.
  • With an overall weight of 71.7 pounds, the Pittsburgh 3 ton jack can support loads of up to 3 tons without a problem. The extra wide casters and front wheels will provide additional support.
  • This is rated as an ultra-low profile jack since it has a minimum height of 2 7/8 inches and goes all the way up to 19 ¾ inches.
  • When using this car jack, the knurled steel handle will give you a firm grip, while the foam bumper protects your vehicle from any damage, making it the best low profile floor jack.

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3 ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump by USATNM

pittsburgh floor jack review This is yet another heavy duty car jack that has the ability to support loads of up to 3 tons. This model has an overall weight of 68.9 pounds, which is heavy enough to give you unwavering support for your load. It is made of heavy duty steel, which makes it durable and quite sturdy. In addition, it comes with extra wide rear casters and fixed front wheels that are made of steel. As such you can be sure that your load will be supported without a problem. The solid construction the 3 ton steel heavy duty garage jack with the rapid pump a perfect choice.

As you have realized, from the name, this jack comes with a rapid pump, which is responsible for the quick lifting of loads. The rapid pump is made up of a dual parallel pump system and as such, you will only need 3 ½ pumps to get to the maximum height. The rapid pump makes work easier when lifting and lowering your loads. When you need to lower the floor hack, you will make a half turn on the handle and the saddle goes down in slow motions. It also comes with a knurled handle that is made of aluminum. This will give a good grip.

This is an ideal auto jack for the high vehicles and SUV trucks in that it has a minimum height of 5 inches. You will use the rapid pump 3-ton jack to lift loads all the way to 18 ¼ inches. The automobile jack might be heavy, but the swivel casters and fixed wheels will make it easier for you to move it around and position the jack. The saddle has a protective rubber pad and as such, the frame of your vehicle will be protected from any damages. This also serves as a protection and enhances your safety as it prevents slippage of the load.

USATNM 3 ton steel heavy duty floor jack Features

  • This rapid pump 3-ton jack has a universal joint release system that will allow you to have precise control of your load at any angle of the handle.
  • The heavy duty car jack has a weight of 68.9 pounds, which is due to the heavy duty steel construction. This makes it sturdy and stable and will also guarantee longevity.
  • The minimum lifting range of this model is 5 inches, which makes it ideal for high vehicle and it goes all the way up to 18 ¼ inches.
  • The 3 ton steel heavy duty jack with the rapid pump has the capacity to lift loads of up to 3 tons easily. This is made possible by the rapid pump quick lift that will make it possible to get the maximum height in 3 ½ strokes.
  • While the rapid pump jack is quite heavy, the extra wide rear casters and floor wheels facilitate easier movement and placing.

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3 Tons Aluminum Racing Floor Jack with Rapid Pump

pittsburgh floor jack If you are looking for a high performance aluminum racing jack, then this is the best option from Pittsburgh. This model is made of high quality aluminum and has an industrial grade finish. This makes it stable and durable. It comes with a dual pump technology, which is referred to as the rapid pump and this makes it easier to lift your load. This model has a capacity of lifting loads of 3 tons, without caving in or wobbling. The fact that it is made of aluminum, makes the floor jacklight and portable.

With the universal joint release mechanism, you will be able to get absolute control of your loads. With the pit crew design, you can make use of this garage jack for quick pit stops. Most professional mechanics find the aluminum racing jack to be ideal. This is one of the models of jacks that have been made in such a manner that it meets all the quality and safety standards and as such, you can trust this model for all your lifting tasks. The knurled handle is made of aluminum and has a 2 piece design, which makes it convenient to assemble and dismantle.

When it comes to your safety and that of your vehicle, the 3-ton aluminum jack has taken it into account. The saddle has a thick rubber padding that will not only protect the jacking points on your vehicle but also prevents any slippage. The foam bumper on the handle of the jack will see to it that your vehicle is not damaged when you are jacking up the vehicle. The overall weight is 55 pounds and has a minimum height of 3 5/8 inches and the maximum height of 19 ¼ inches.

Aluminum racing jack Features

  • The 3 ton aluminum jack has the capacity to lift loads of up to 3 tons, without a problem. This is made possible by the rapid lift mechanism, made possible by the dual parallel pump system.
  • The garage jack as pit crew design, which makes it possible to carry output stops. It is made of aluminum and has a sapphire anodized finish that makes this a sturdy jack and one that is durable.
  • The aluminum racing jack has a universal joint release mechanism that will give you ultimate control when lifting your load.
  • The minimum height is 3 5/8 inches, while the maximum height is 19 ¼ inches. This will accommodate a wide range of vehicles, without any problems.
  • The handle of the aluminum racing jack is made of two pieces, which are easy to dismantle for convenient storage.

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How to Safely Use a Floor Jack?

The Pittsburgh 3 ton jack is a mechanical device and may fail at any given time. As such, it is advisable to ensure that you are taken all the necessary precaution so as to avert any possible dangers. Here is a simple guide that will teach you how to use the Pittsburgh jack in a safe manner. You should always be keen the safety matters when working with an auto jack.

  • Park your vehicle on a leveled surface before placing the Pittsburgh automotive jack under it. The surface also needs to be concrete so that the floor jack can be stable and will not start sinking in or shaking when you jack up the vehicle.
  • Have the vehicle on the parking brake so that you can ensure it does not start rolling or sliding away when you attempt to lift it up.
  • Place wheel chocks on the opposite side of the areas that you want to lift the vehicle and ensure that they put the vehicle in place and prevent any rolling of the wheels.
  • Place the jack under the vehicle and identify the jacking points. These are recommended places which you will use to lift the vehicle. If the jacking points are not clearly marked refer to the owner’s manual.
  • Raise the saddle to get in contact with the jacking point and adjust it accordingly. When this is in place, start pumping the best value jack in slow motions and monitor it. This should help you notice if there are any oil leaks or even cracks on the jack. In the event that you notice any unusual thing with the tool, it would be prudent to stop using it right away.
  • When the vehicle is hoisted to the desired heights, do not go underneath it without placing jack stands. You should have jack stands that have the same weight capacity to support your vehicle. Once the vehicle is rested on the jack stands, remove the Pittsburgh automotive jack and push the vehicle slightly to test if it is stable enough.  

Check Here An infographic is shown how to properly lift a car use a Jack

Final Recommendation:

With this guide, you will definitely be able to find the best-rated jack. We have done a comprehensive Pittsburgh jack review and included a buying guide. We advocate for the Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift. This is the best Pittsburgh 3 ton jack and will not disappoint you. If this guide was informative and you liked it, please feel free to share it out. You can also leave a comment below and we will be happy to hear from you.

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